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Sab's world
F.A.Q for the curious ...
Your name? Sabari
What does it mean? That means you don't have any clue about South India - especially Hinduism.
Any reason for this name? Ask my dad and mom.
Why dont you disclose your last name? I go by my initials - CP. I'm much of a private person, so I dont wan't to display my whole name in a public site like this but if you search a bit, it is easy to find out.
What is your age? Varies every year :) If you know me, you know how old I'm !
Okay, what is your birth date? Jan 9th. Please DON'T send me any 'egreetings' through those crappy websites.
How do you look like? A normal human being, I believe !
Nope.. height, weight etc Ah ok. Height 5' 9". Weight 150 lbs (I wish !!) but in reality its 170 lbs. Medium complexion, ugly looking fat guy I'm - so keep away.
Where do you live? Currently in Columbia, SC (USA).
Before that? Lived 22 years in Trivandrum, 2 years in Madras, 2 years in Cochin, 2 years in Bombay (with a few months in Hyderabad).
What do you do? I do a lot of things. Did you mean what my profession is?
Yes ... I currently work for the eCommerce division of NCR Corporation.
What are your skillsets? Excuse me, am I attending a technical interview? Sorry, I don't think so :)
Alright, what about your family? What about them?
Who all are there in your family? Oh ok. I've a lovely wife Meghana (got married to her on Aug 23rd, 2000) and we have two wonderful kids - Rohan and Ankit. We all together make a happy little family. Rohan was born on Sep 7th, 2002 and Ankit was born Sep 21st, 2004.
Love marriage or arranged marriage? Arranged. Did you ask this question because I'm from Trivandrum and she is from Bangalore?
How did you manage this exact interval of 2 years and 2 weeks between your marriage, your first kid and your second kid? We borrowed a super computer from Pentagon to do all the calculation. I heard that they are going to auction it - so if you are interested, just go knock the door.
What are your interests? Anything that is interesting interests me.
Can you be specific? Sitting idle and lazy is one of my favorite hobbies/interests. Eating junk, watching a bit of TV, listening to music can be listed as some of my interests. Playing cricket and trivia are still my sincere interests. Politics is another one of my interests. Oh, and martial arts too - not that I practise it now. I love cooking - any crap as a matter of fact and only during weekends that too if time permits - but I hate to clean up the mess which I create during this process! :)
Politics? Yes, politics in India. You can read more about my political leanings here.
You said playing cricket? Yes, fortunately I have a few cricket crazy friends here in Columbia. We play every weekend (since 1998) unless it is extremely cold that you cannot come out of the house. If you happen to be in Columbia, SC and if you are interested, please mail me for more details. Click here for more about our cricket ..
Are you a bowler or a batsman? I'm more of a bowler than a batsman (and age is definitely catching up) but about my past, this quote from Kumar's farewell mail (when he left Columbia, SC) would give you hints - 'I remember the first day I took Ramesh to the play and he bowled really well impressed all the oldies. Same when Sabari came over there was a buzz that a fast bowler from Kerala bowling at the speed of sound'. No, I did not bribe Kumar to write such a sentence but again, who wouldn't want to flaunt words of praises? ;)
What kind of music do you listen to? 80s rock hits are my favorites - maybe because I started listening to 'angrezi moosic' during late 80s. From the 90s and this decade, I like soft rock/pop hits. On an Indian note, I like malayalam, tamil and hindi songs (order of preference).
What about movies? My first preference would be comedy movies. I would love to watch a comedy movie at any given time. Tragedy/Drama is a strict no-no for me. I'm graduating out of action movies but I dont mind watching them if it is really good. I loooooooove martial art movies.
Favorite movie? Hard to tell, but 'Nayagan' (Tamil movie - 1986? - starring Kamal Haasan) is one of my alltime favs. Might sound silly, but I've seen most of the Bruce Lee (one of the greatest martial artist ever the planet has produced so far!) movies atleast 10-15 times. There are a few other comedy movies also which I've watched numerous times.
You mentioned martial arts as your interest. Any in particular? Well, I'm interested in following (as in watching and reading about) all martial arts but I practised Karate for a pretty good 7 years. The flavor was Shito Ryu Karate.
Rumor says you hold a black belt? The answer is Yes and No. Yes because once upon a time I had one (back in 1992 but I've been out of touch since 1993) and No because now any 2nd grade student can beat the crap out of me. :)
Why do you write all your blog entries in lower case? its just the style and ease of keying in.
Musthapha (Lo-Annan of asks: you specified being 'lazy' is one of your hobbies, how do you manage all these things .. (channel, web, mailing group.. etc..) Good question. I somehow manage to find time for these activities but besides that if I get any free time, I prefer to slump into my couch :) Most of these extra-curricular activities I do at home early in the morning and the rest of it during the weekend. I'm a typical internet addict - and thats my wife's biggest complaint too !
Anything else you want to tell us? Thank you for wasting your time reading all this. If you still have any questions about me, please mail me and if it is something which can be published here, I will be more than happy to post your question and its answer. I can be reached at cpsabari AT hotmail DOT com or you can use the 'Contact me' link at the side menu. I will be updating this website pretty often, so if time permits, you can come back and visit this site.