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Yet, Sonia defended them in Parliament, Salman in Courts
Tuesday July 25 2006 00:00 IST
S Gurumurthy

It was founded in the year 1977. Not by a religious leader, but by an
English-educated academic, Mohammed Ahamadullah Siddiqui. He was a professor
not at some Alighar University in India, or in Islamabad, but at Western
Illinois University in the US, a country of free thought that claims to melt
people of diverse ideas into a wholesome one. He was professor of Journalism
and Public Relations. For which goals did the professor found it? Leave the
first two goals. Its third goal is `Jehad' for the cause of Islam.

Since Jehad is also a programme for self-purification of the adherents, one may
assume that this is not to harm others. But read more. It does not believe in
nation-state or in national constitutions. Loyal to no nation, it disregards
the very nation it operates in. Not just that. It is explicitly against
Hinduism and other anti-Islamic cultures. More. It regards idol worship as a
`sin' - meaning that Hindus are sinners. Not yet full stop. Goes further,
considers terminating idol worship as a Holy duty!

Significantly, it is founded not for, nor in, Saudi Arabia, where there are no
idols, no idol worshippers. It is founded for, and functions in, India with
more than 85 percent of population believing, worshipping idols. It would like
them eliminated. Is it just an extremist body, which seeks to achieve its ends
by intense, and extended preaching, or conversions? No. It does not just
verbalise, but, as evidence available in the public domain establishes,
actually weaponises terror. It openly celebrates Osama Bin Laden as a true
Mujahid (religious soldier) in Jehad (religious war) for the `Umma' (world
Muslim community). Its name: SIMI, the Students Islamic Movement of India,
India's first home grown, pan-Indian, terrorist body.

Last April, SIMI completed three decades of existence. It is said to have 400
full-timers and 20000 casuals. Its members retire at 30. SIMI thus means youth
in their primes for terror. What is its scoreboard in terror? Even before the
Mumbai blasts, between August 2000 - when its maiden blast in Sabarmati train
took place - and July 2006, it had accomplished five bomb blasts to its credit!
But its peaking success was in Mumbai, on that fateful evening on 7/11, when it
bombed and eliminated some 200 innocents and hospitalised over 700 in just 25
minutes! Apart from detonating bombs, it has other deadly skills too.

Between March 2001 and January 2004 it triggered Hindu-Muslim riots in three
places. SIMI cadres also massacred five policemen and an Additional District
Magistrate in Kanpur - a clear war against the state! SIMI has other deadly
hobbies, like procuring, moving, storing arms, ammunitions, explosives like
RDX, etc. In some eight incidents reported in the media, SIMI cadres were found
in possession of explosives, weapons and papers incriminating them in violence
in different parts of India, from Bengal to Gujarat.

It has global links. Anwar Ali, a lecturer in National Defence Academy at
Khadakvasala in Maharashtra - yes, in the defence academy to train soldiers to
provide security to the people of India - was found to be a SIMI activist!
Found involved in Mulund bomb blasts in April 2003, he was arrested! Involved
with him in the Mulund blast was a life convict, convicted for terror, whose
sentence was reduced by the Supreme Court to ten years, released from Sabarmati

Founded by a US-based professor, SIMI attracts academics in defence institutes
to unrepentant life convicts for its agenda to kill. However, SIMI, whose ban
was overdue, was banned only after the 9/11 terror on the US. Till then, even
the NDA government had no guts to ban SIMI. Why?

SIMI had gathered high political clout. It has assumed different labels like
National Democratic Front, Islamic Youth Centre, Tamil Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam
(TMMK) and forged close links with the `secular' political spectrum from
Mulayam's Samajwadi Party to Sonia's Congress Party.

Result, not just Mulayam but even his political adversary Sonia too, is among
its admirers, being expectants for Muslim votes. In her speech in Parliament in
March 2002, and later in June 2002, Sonia attacked the NDA government for
banning SIMI. Earlier, in September 2001 itself, her party had opposed the

Thanks to Sonia's defence, the Congress-led UPA government had to allow the ban
to lapse in September 2005. But soon it had to eat its words, re-impose the ban
in February 2006. Thus it allowed the terror outfit free run for five months!
Now the Sonia Congress-led Maharashtra government has admitted that it is SIMI
that masterminded the July train blast in Mumbai. It has arrested over 200 SIMI
activists! Yet, it was the Sonia-chosen president of the UP Congress Party,
Salman Kurshid, who was SIMI's advocate in courts pleading for lifting its ban.
It was Sonia herself who was the advocate for SIMI in Parliament.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court rejected Salman Kurshid's pleas in June 2006 and
Manmohan Singh government rejected the pleas of Sonia and re-imposed the ban in
February 2006! Thus, despite Sonia in Parliament, Salman in courts, thanks to
the Supreme Court, SIMI, India's high security risk, has been exposed as a
terror outfit.

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