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Sab's world
to maintain our privacy, some of these albums are password protected. if you wish to view those, please send me a mail and i shall respond with the credentials to access it.
Halloween 2006 few pics taken at saji's place by saji. pooh bear is rohan, giraffe is ankit, lady bug is pooja - saji's daughter and the masked man is yours truly. picture courtesy - saji.
Mud Run 2006 pics of the mud run (4.4 mile 30 obstacle course where the US marines train) which saji, vinod, siva and myselves participated. picture courtesy - arun, ajith.
RohAnkit Bday Party 2006 glimpses from rohan and ankit's bday party held on 16th sept 2006 at old mill clubhouse for the ncr colleagues. picture courtesy - ajith, sivakumar.
Onam 2006 pictures from our onam, sadhya etc which we had at ajith's home. (sep 4th, 2006). picture courtesy - ajith, sivakumar.
Log home trip pictures from our log home trip at smokey mountains, nc. (Aug 25-27, 2006).
Cricket few pictures of the 2nd limited overs cricket match between keralites and rest of india held at columbia, sc. thanks to baji and raghu for taking these pictures. incidentally, my batting pics are more in this list - blame it on 'click-happy' raghu.
Trip to Washington DC our third visit (and my fourth) to washington DC during memorial day weekend (may 2006) to meet suresh, shelley and their families.
Ankit's first b'day images from ankit's first b'day party celebrations (sep 21st, 2005). photo courtesy : ajith bk, praveen aggarwal and amit chugh.
India Trip, 2005 pictures from our india trip made during 2005.
Rohan's first b'day images from rohan's first b'day party celebrations (sep 07th, 2003). photo courtesy : sivakumar sg and amit chugh.