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Sab's world
i've had certain political views ever since my mid-teens. i used to have ties with RSS and BJP during my stay back in trivandrum - thanks to most of my friends who had similar such leanings. at college of engineering, trivandrum, where i studied for 4 years for my engineering degree, i used to be a very active member of ABVP. but those were my teens .. and maybe early 20s. gradually my interest in active politics came down - maybe because of enough workload or maybe because priorities changed. even though i still have a soft corner for parties like bjp, i no longer agree 100% to its policies and stances. like everyone else, i used to think bjp was a party with difference but of late, they have proven that they are also not much different from others.

many still accuse me of being a hardcore hindu fanatic and a hater of non-hindus but I'M NOT. in fact, some of my very close and reliable friends belong to other religions. the only people from 'other' religions whom i dislike are the ones who try to propogate their religion saying anything other than their religion is fake/bad/good_for_nothing. to these insecure idiots, all i've to say is - you believe in your religion, i believe in mine. if you like your religion, so be it but dont try to make me believe that my religion and its beliefs are wrong...

i've a whole bunch of articles which kinda justifies my way of thinking or maybe i'm brainwashed enough to think that these articles are right to a certain extent. to start with, i will add a couple and maybe once i'm able to dig up good ones from my archives, i will add it to this list. if interested (i repeat, only if interested), you may read these. these are NOT written by me but by various other authors to whom the respective copyrights go. and here is the standard disclaimer - the views expressed in these articles are solely that of the writer and not mine ... :)
How did Muslim League demand Pakistan ? J.G. Arora (, Organiser, January 28, 2007
Invisible war to break up India Rajinder Puri,, January 17, 2007
Why the need for anti-conversion law ? An article from
PM's Stockholm Syndrome B. Raman,
Why is it Islam vs. Rest of the World ? Tavleen Singh, Indian Express, Aug 31st 2006
Idea of India under assault Kanchan Gupta, The Pioneer, Aug 28th 2006 (related to Vande Mataram controversy)
Fanatics sing an anti-national song Swapan Dasgupta, The Pioneer, Aug 27th 2006 (related to Vande Mataram controversy)
Is this song dangerous than bombs ? S Gurumurthy, Aug 24th 2006 (related to Vande Mataram controversy)
SIMI: Sonia defended them in Parliament S Gurumurthy,, July 25th 2006 (related to Bombay blasts)
Manmohan gave us what Vajpayee refused: US Expert Article from Deccan Herald
Dont blame Pakistan, look within Tavleen Singh, Indian Express, July 23rd 2006 (slightly related to Bombay blasts)
Never trust the US on Pakistan B Raman,, July 21st 2006