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Sab's world
no, i'm not answering the question who sung the 80's hits 'dancing queen', 'waterloo', 'mama mia' etc .. i know thats also ABBA but i just read an interesting piece of news .. that the beggars in bihar have formed an association ! and my wild guess was that it would be 'all bihar beggars association' shortened to A.B.B.A. ! few of their key decisions -

1) do not accept less than 1 rupee from anyone
2) there is one day off from begging every week which is thursday
3) beg only at the places designated for each day
4) any issues ? just call the union leader beggars on their cell phones !

gosh !!! what else would we be hearing from these BEGGARS in future ? we accept credit cards also .. or .. please come and give the money or else there will be a surcharge for us to come to you and collect .. or .. late fees will be collected for delayed 'payment' ..

pic courtesy: lijesh rajan of ! maybe the person
who took the pic might've foreseen
such a news !! click image for a larger view.

those who can read malayalam may click this image below to read the actual news article ..

this is sabs signing off .. seriously thinking of quitting IT field and getting into begging business :)

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happy onam ! 
here is a bunch of warm onam wishes from me to you and your family ! those lucky ones will be eating a sadhya now while we (a few malayali families here in columbia, sc) will be relishing what we ate yesterday !

those who are wondering what the heck this onam is, all i can say is go to the wonderful resource called and figure out what it is. if you still cant figure out, then i give up and i would suggest you immediately buy the book 'internet for dummies' or as a matter of fact any book with the title dummies or idiots will fit you :)

once again, happy onam to all my million readers of this site ! now you might be thinking ... what ??????? million readers ??????? ssssssshhhhhhhhh that was a secret but i couldnt hold it for long ..

this is sabs signing off .. pics of our onam @ the albums link
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if i were up there .. 
this is the title of the poem which my lovely li'll niece wrote .. this is her first attempt in writing a poem, so please forgive any mistakes .. :)

by Gayathri Ramesh

If I were up there
Up in the skies
The Solar System would be the school
My school would be in Pluto
Pluto’s moon – Charon, my classroom
And the stars my playground !

If I were up there
I wish the moon would be my house
And the only restaurant Mc Donalds !
It would taste quite funny ..
My teardrops would be the raindrops
All my happiness would be the plants and the beautiful flowers !!

this is sabs signing off .. with a congratulatory note to his niece !
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change in theme .. 
i was just bored for a few minutes, so i changed the entire theme/layout of this site to this current one.. i really didnt like it - no one forced me to change it - but i thought everyone might've been bored by the earlier theme. feel free to comment !

oh yeah, i added a counter too .. starting today .. only GOD (and its author) knows whether the counter shows the right number :)

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happy independence day, india ! 

its august 15th .. india's 59th independence day ! i believe this is one of the proudest day for all indians .. i too belong to that category of proud indians but at the same time i wish i saw some indian leaders with some real spine ruling india !

this is sabs signing off for today, whispering jai hind and providing one of the best videos of our national anthem right below ..

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