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Sab's world
team outsourced to india .. 
finally, the much anticipated MUD RUN 2006 got over this weekend leaving me still with a bunch of bruises, scratches and aches !! it was fun to re-live the whole experience but was hell while we were doing it. it was on 23rd (saturday). to those who dont know what this mud run is, here is brief description about it. this is the once a year open race where teams (of 4 members) run a 4.4 mile long obstacle (30 in number) course partly through some forests and partly through open land. this is supposedly the training course for the US marines - no wonder they are physically so fit and hence the official name of the race - US Marine Corps Challenge Run. i think close to 350 teams participated this year. we had named our team 'team outsourced to india'. there were many teams with stupid names like ours but the officers at the starting line had a nice hearty laugh when they had to read out our team name.

the obstacles included 4 or 5 chest high walls which you have to kinda jump across, climbing wooden planks nailed across trees (they call it ladders and two were 15 feet high and one 7 feet high), running up hill with 45% incline, running across 7 or 8 huge pipes, going over and under a bunch of logs placed on pits which had chest level dirty water, crawling under nets placed on dirty water with very little space to breathe, multiple mounds of dirt (6-7 feet high), crawling under an army tank, long trenches filled with dirty water with two 'unexpected' pits with 7 feet depth (in one of which i literally drowned and someone else had to yank me out !!), net climbing (where we saw one lady lying unconscious and officers getting ready to call medical help), 12 feet rope climb after swimming through a 20 feet long and 15 feet deep pit (for which i had to take a help from the officer who was standing by since i didnt know swimming - he threw a rope to hold on while he dragged me through this pit), walking on a rope with only another rope to hold, climbing a 10 feet wall with only support from your other team mates, rope swinging over a huge pit with water (felt like tarzan but i sprained my left ankle due to a bad landing on the other side !) and finally the casuality segment (stretcher carry) where one team member has to be carried on the stretcher for 100 yards by the other team members.

saji, vinod and siva were my team members. the pics (in the Albums) and video shows only the last half or 0.75 miles of the race. i think we finished in 1 hour 25 minutes but the official results are yet to come. we've heard that there are marine teams who finish this in little more than 40 mins, so now you know where we stand :) is the official website.

this is a sabs signing off ... making plans on how to run the next year's race in a better way ... :)
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happy b'day ankit ! 
our younger son ankit turned two today ! people call it terrible two but is the one guy who proved it can be terrible one also .. anyways, our heartiest wishes to him .. hope he gets the best in his life ! :)

happy b'day ankit !!

this is sabs signing off .. whistling 'happy bday to you ..'
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happy b'day rohan ! 
many many happy returns of the day to rohan (my elder son) !
he has turned 4 today and i wish him the very best in his life!
hope he will stay clear off all troubles atleast today !!

this is sabs, his proud dad, signing off. :)
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another sixer ! 
the countdown timer right below the top banner says it all (that quote was borrowed - read below). yes, its my 6th wedding anniversary today. everyone says its a special day but what i feel is -

1) its the only time when you try to be nice to your wife for a complete 24 hours !
2) its another day where you spend money to buy things which you dont know whether your spouse really need them or not !
3) you go out for dinner and splurge - however hard you are trying to reduce !
4) you are taunted till then next anniversary day if you forget this anniversary day !
5) and last but not least, its the day when you are reminded of the fact that you lost all your freedom of being a bachelor !

on a serious note, happy anniversary to my wife :)

me and my wife shaking hands on our wedding day

this is sabs signing off ... quoting what his dad said on his 40th wedding anniversary - 'its nothing but 40 years of war and peace with your amma completed'
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Six ! 
no, its not the title of Manoj Night Shyamalan's next movie .. its the number of years past since i met my wife meghana for the first time. as usual, i had forgotten all these supposedly 'important' dates (just like i still keep forgetting my wife's bday !) and its my wife who reminded me of it.

back in 2000, august 11th to be precise, i 'officially' met her at bangalore along with my long time buddy sunil viswanathan. we both went for lunch the next day at some restaurant in barton center (mg road, bangalore) along with sunil and his then 'friend' (now his wife) sony. and even before two weeks from then (august 23rd to be precise), we were married !!!!!

both sunil's son and my elder son are named rohan - and this was absolutely co-incidental.

this is sabs signing off .. marking the countdown to his sixth wedding anniversary.
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