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Sab's world
suicide video .. 
shocking video .. from a live TV coverage of a suicide in hongkong .. not for the weak hearted ..

got from a friend over email .

this is sabs signing off for today.
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pic of the year ! 
hilarious picture !! got from vicky of ..

this is sabs signing off ..
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pluto fired ! 
pluto, one of the planets of solar system, was fired from its job of being a planet by the HR. the HR spokesperson said pluto's behavior and performance was being closely monitored for the past few years and it was placed in the PIP (performance improvement plan) for the last decade. pluto, in spite of being warned multiple times, failed to perform its duties as a planet and finally the management decided to give it a boot. clarifying the situation, the CEO of the planets mr. sun (no last name) said it was very sad to lose such a long lasting employee but work and performance had its own priority in his planetory organization. remember, pluto joined as a planet trainee in the solar system way back in 1930 and gradually got promoted to a full planet after the successful completion of its training program.

in a separate interview with cnn, pluto said it was shocked by the managements decision but as a professional planet, it would abide by the management's decision. when asked what its future plans were, pluto indicated that it might apply for a similar position in the neighboring galaxy. as a kind gesture, the management allowed pluto to keep its satellites and pluto said it was happy about it. pluto also said it would like to thank his boss sun and his colleagues mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune for all their support and help during its entire tenure in the solar system.

we wish pluto a bright future with some other galaxy.

actual news here

this is sabs signing off for today .. :)
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passport check 
a hilarious video .. from my friend shaji kamalasanan.

this is sabs signing off for today.
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shall we dance .. 
this is the title of another hilarious video clipping which i happened to see in its a white guy (name in video is Sanjay Gere) lip syncing to a hindi song with the help of a muppet. a li'll bit of search tells me that he is a canadian standup comedian Winston Spear. watch the video below and dont forget to switch on your speakers.

this is sabs signing off for today.
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