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Sab's world
no proof reader at economic times ? 
seen in today's (13th july 2007)

probably he was running too fast inside the court room and had brake down rather than breaking down? :)

this is sabs signing off ..
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i'm alive .. 
those who are wondering (i know no one really cares, but just for my satisfaction i'm writing this :) ) what happened to this site, nothing happened - i'm still alive and its just that i dont have the same enthusiasm as i had in the beginning to keep updating this site. i knew this would happen some day when i started this, but never knew it would be so quick :) anyways, i hope to make atleast one post a month (wow !!) from now on.

on a personal front, i was down with influenza and a stomach virus attack and is currently on the recovery mode. hope to be back in full health atleast by this weekend.

and, i've decided to take a vacation this year to go to india. yes, i will be going to india this july for 3 or 4 weeks. talking about vacation, this pic which i received from a friend in tells you the importance of why you should go visit your home back in india once a while. this bike is supposed to be owned by a gentleman in saudi whose last vacation back to kerala was in 1985 :)

this is sabs signing off for today ..
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rape for sale ? 
here is a news which i saw yesterday in economic times .. checkout the the last sentence !!

in a related news, the villains of movies were planning to do a harthal in protest against the high cost of rapes !! :)

this is sabs signing off ..
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thriller - the desi version ! 
most of you might've seen michael jackson's thriller video. i just happened to see a desi version (telugu, i guess) which literally made me fall on the floor with laughter (rofl - for you internet junkies)! here are the two videos side by side for your viewing pleasure .. :)

video courtesy: as obvious -

this is sabs signing off for today.
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suicide video .. 
shocking video .. from a live TV coverage of a suicide in hongkong .. not for the weak hearted ..

got from a friend over email .

this is sabs signing off for today.
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