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Sab's world
back home sweet home 
finally, my india vacation has come to an end. yes, it got over two days back with my family and i reaching back US day before yesterday night. onward journey was good, vacation was fun but the return journey plagued with multiple delays were not at all fun. had a full family gathering (after a very long gap) at my place (trivandrum) during my entire stay there (close to 3 weeks). caught up with many friends whom i've not seen for several years. spent the remaining time in bangalore (wife's place).

never before in my life, i might've gotten fed up with food like in this vacation. ate too much yummy food that i've put on 8.5 lbs in these 3 weeks (no exaggeration). cant blame parents, cant blame the restaurants, cant blame the bakeries, cant blame in-laws - everyone provided awesome food (junk included liberally) :) in all possibilities, i was on a 6000 calorie a day diet instead of the required 2000 calorie diet ! and for the spoiler, the annual mud run is coming in a month and i need to get back in shape to particpate.

i had written about the low cost airlines in one of my prev postings. finally flew with them and had a very rough patch with the ground staff there. these kidos at the check-in counter think that they run the airlines. they were so rude just cuz we had just 3 kg in excess for all the 4 passengers together. they were not considerate inspite of us travelling with 2 little kids and given the fact that we had an onward international journey where the baggage allowances are three times their limit. anyways, it is a lesson learned that if you save money on something, you probably will sacrifice on quality.

and guess what my prized purchases (to bring back to US) this time were - a few packs of 'naaranga muttai' and the orange colored 'unda muttai' :) those who grew up in kerala as kids will know what these are. i will probably add pics of both for the people who dont really know or recollect it. the difference in price ? about 800%-1000% than what i used to pay as a little kid (probably 25-30 years ago) !!!

its time for me to conclude this post. i will write more about this vacation later. till then, this is sabs signing off, cursing the jetlag making him wakeup at 2:00 in the morning ! :)
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happy new year ! 
its been a while since i added anything new to my site. few of the reasons are 'was busy', 'laziness', 'forgot' .. (you can choose your pick) etc. i had tonnes to write but i will do it some time later. on a personal note - the only change in me is that i started growing sideburns two weeks back and now it might put elvis to shame. and this is the only time when myself and my wife agreed on a statement without any argument - that i look as ugly as ever i could be !! :) good news - the pic will be added soon so that you can scare your children if they misbehave !!

before i forget, i - on behalf on my family - would like to wish you all a very happy, prosperous and a wonderful year ahead starting today.

if new year's day sets the standard for the whole of the year, then a typical day of mine in this year would be like this (since this is how i spent my jan 1st):

sleep at 4:00 am
wake up at 8:00 am
skip breakfast and eat leftover food for lunch
sleep at 1:30 pm
wake up at 3:30 pm with severe throat pain
sit lazy, scratching head and figuring out what to do next
come back home at 7:30 pm with fever
skip dinner cuz of throat pain
bury under the blankets at 11:00 pm after a dose of tylenol

4 days of holidays over and i need to drag my butt to office tomorrow. the very thought is making me feel lazy again ! *yawn*

this is sabs signing off .. once again wishing everyone a happy new year !

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team outsourced to india .. 
finally, the much anticipated MUD RUN 2006 got over this weekend leaving me still with a bunch of bruises, scratches and aches !! it was fun to re-live the whole experience but was hell while we were doing it. it was on 23rd (saturday). to those who dont know what this mud run is, here is brief description about it. this is the once a year open race where teams (of 4 members) run a 4.4 mile long obstacle (30 in number) course partly through some forests and partly through open land. this is supposedly the training course for the US marines - no wonder they are physically so fit and hence the official name of the race - US Marine Corps Challenge Run. i think close to 350 teams participated this year. we had named our team 'team outsourced to india'. there were many teams with stupid names like ours but the officers at the starting line had a nice hearty laugh when they had to read out our team name.

the obstacles included 4 or 5 chest high walls which you have to kinda jump across, climbing wooden planks nailed across trees (they call it ladders and two were 15 feet high and one 7 feet high), running up hill with 45% incline, running across 7 or 8 huge pipes, going over and under a bunch of logs placed on pits which had chest level dirty water, crawling under nets placed on dirty water with very little space to breathe, multiple mounds of dirt (6-7 feet high), crawling under an army tank, long trenches filled with dirty water with two 'unexpected' pits with 7 feet depth (in one of which i literally drowned and someone else had to yank me out !!), net climbing (where we saw one lady lying unconscious and officers getting ready to call medical help), 12 feet rope climb after swimming through a 20 feet long and 15 feet deep pit (for which i had to take a help from the officer who was standing by since i didnt know swimming - he threw a rope to hold on while he dragged me through this pit), walking on a rope with only another rope to hold, climbing a 10 feet wall with only support from your other team mates, rope swinging over a huge pit with water (felt like tarzan but i sprained my left ankle due to a bad landing on the other side !) and finally the casuality segment (stretcher carry) where one team member has to be carried on the stretcher for 100 yards by the other team members.

saji, vinod and siva were my team members. the pics (in the Albums) and video shows only the last half or 0.75 miles of the race. i think we finished in 1 hour 25 minutes but the official results are yet to come. we've heard that there are marine teams who finish this in little more than 40 mins, so now you know where we stand :) is the official website.

this is a sabs signing off ... making plans on how to run the next year's race in a better way ... :)
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happy b'day ankit ! 
our younger son ankit turned two today ! people call it terrible two but is the one guy who proved it can be terrible one also .. anyways, our heartiest wishes to him .. hope he gets the best in his life ! :)

happy b'day ankit !!

this is sabs signing off .. whistling 'happy bday to you ..'
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happy b'day rohan ! 
many many happy returns of the day to rohan (my elder son) !
he has turned 4 today and i wish him the very best in his life!
hope he will stay clear off all troubles atleast today !!

this is sabs, his proud dad, signing off. :)
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