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Sab's world
double standards .. cont'd 
finally i heard a voice of protest against the temple demolition which i mentioned in one of my previous posts (with the same subject line). as obvious as it can be, it came from an organization affiliated to BJP - the OFBJP. here is the article in its entirety..

Overseas Friends of BJP: PRESS RELEASE
June 20, 2006
OFBJP Rising Against Destruction of Hinduism in Pakistan

Reacting sharply on the news reports of demolition of Shri Krishna Temple in Lahore, in the early June of 2006, OFBJP held a protest meet in Sanatan Dharma Temple in Florida and prepared a memorandum to be submitted to the Pakistan Embassy.

OFBJP came down heavily on the Indian political parties for showing complete disengagement from the issues of concern for the millions of Hindus living in India and abroad and warned against the repercussions of such unconcerned attitude. OFBJP hailed the exceptional role of BJP who openly condemned the demolition and held various protests and demonstrations across India.

This official act of aggression against the symbols of Hinduism in Pakistan has a stark similarity with the Bamiyan Buddha Destruction under Taliban's and the occurrence of similar events in Pakistan is indicative of the increasing talibanization of Pakistani State. OFBJP calls upon the community of civilized nations to put a curb on states promoting and patronizing religious extremism, fanaticism, intolerance, particularly in South Asia.

It is obvious that the religious fanaticism in Pakistan is directed against the adherents of Hindu religions and India being a depository of Hindu religions is the natural target of such fanaticism, even tough the Congress led UPA Government of India could not even lodge a substantial reaction on the destruction of Shri Krishna Temple. OFBJP condemns the shameful role of UPA Government in this regard.

OFBJP once again condemns the destruction of Shri Krishna Temple by Pakistani Official authorities and urge the followers of Hindu religions to rise for the dignity of the symbols of their religion, faith and culture and ultimately for their survival as a civilization force.

Issued By
OFBJP Press Committee

this is sabs signing off .. in peace !

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lion sleeps tonight 
thought i will add a few interesting videos (obviously stolen either from youtube or google). here is one of the favorite videos of my kids. don't forget to switch on the speakers.

watch the facial expressions on that hippo .. it's so hilarious that even i never get bored watching in a loop ! for those curious out there, this is a cartoon duo (pat and henry) created by a french guy.

thanks to the guy who uploaded it to youtube - and sorry for using that video here in my site.

this is sabs signing off for today.
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happy bday ! 
well, today is my wife meghana's b'day !! yeah, she is a gemini. i wish her a wonderful day ahead :)
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double standards ? 
i just happened to read two news articles which made me write this.

the first one was in yesterday which said a criminal case has been initiated by the govt. against vinay katyar and some other BJP/VHP leader (with a possible chance of arrest included) for saying they will hand out cash awards to those who kill the terrorists in kashmir. cant blame the govt, since it is true that civilians should not be allowed to take law in their own hands and we have army, police and a justice system which should be doing this. maybe these two BJP leaders might've been pissed off by the fact that many innocent hindus were massacred by terrorists in the past few months and no one came out in support of those who were affected. but my main concern is a related incident which happened couple of months back - at the height of the mohammed cartoon controversy. a minister in UP govt made the exact same statement - he said 50 lakh rupees and 50 kg gold (or something similar) will be given to the person or organization who will kill the danish cartoonist ! wow ! the interesting part is that the minister will NOT pay but he said 'the people' would pay ! the sad part is the very same govt. did not find anything wrong it it (since no criminal case was initiated against the minister). the chief minister of UP (mulayam singh yadav) just shrugged it off saying it was just a reaction of a hurt soul !!! are criminal rules applicable to only certain set of people or are certain set of people immune to all such laws ?

the second news item was from today's it said

ISLAMABAD: The only Hindu temple in the Pakistani city of Lahore has been demolished to pave the way for construction of a multi-storied commercial building.

you can read the complete article here

imagine the outrage if the words hindu temple were replaced with either muslim mosque or christian church and pakistani city was replaced with any indian city ! we would have had 250000 secularists and intellectuals coming out protesting in the streets from kerala to kashmir against harassment of minorities !! cool, isnt ? thats called secularism in india. all i've to ask is ... where is arundhati roy now ? where is shabana azmi now ? where is amir khan now ? where are the mulayams and lallus now ? where are the comrades now ? where are the fake gandhis and arjun singhs now ? well, i assume protesting against a hindu temple demolition - that too the only one in lahore - is not worth their time and effort since it might not attract more votes !!

this is sabs signing off till the next post.
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domo arigato .. 
wondering what the title means ? thats japanese ! thats what you tell your instructor at the end of a karate class... and why am i telling this now ?

just got the wonderful news that my niece Gayathri (aka Ponni) received her 1st dan black belt today (25th May 2006) !! wowowowow !! cool, isnt it ?

click image

here's she doing a roundhouse kick on some other kid, as a part of her black belt test and another pic of her when she was little more young.

she is very young (not even in her teens), pretty, tall and good in her studies too.

talking about karate, do you guys know that i too hold a black belt ? yeah, that was bought from a nearby shop where they sell pants, shirts and other mens wear :)

those who wish to congratulate her may do so in the comments section.

thats me signing off for now. have a great long weekend !
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