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Sab's world
Six ! 
no, its not the title of Manoj Night Shyamalan's next movie .. its the number of years past since i met my wife meghana for the first time. as usual, i had forgotten all these supposedly 'important' dates (just like i still keep forgetting my wife's bday !) and its my wife who reminded me of it.

back in 2000, august 11th to be precise, i 'officially' met her at bangalore along with my long time buddy sunil viswanathan. we both went for lunch the next day at some restaurant in barton center (mg road, bangalore) along with sunil and his then 'friend' (now his wife) sony. and even before two weeks from then (august 23rd to be precise), we were married !!!!!

both sunil's son and my elder son are named rohan - and this was absolutely co-incidental.

this is sabs signing off .. marking the countdown to his sixth wedding anniversary.
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my answer paper ! 
those who have been following this site might've noticed that its been a while since i made a posting here which is personal in nature - been so busy with work which i think will last till atleast end of august. anyways, i found a few minutes to do this...

mallus recently might've been seeing the various versions of 'navas answer papers' which are still floating in the internet. musthapha (popularly known as Lo-Annan of made fun of me by creating a similar answer paper (supposedly written by me) and spreading around :) .. its fun to read and hence i'm posting it here for your viewing pleasure ! apologies to those who cannot read malayalam ...

click the image for the full size image (will popup)

this is sabs signing off .. with a smirk in his face ;)
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keralites vs. rest of india (final match) 
well, the final match got over !! it was a shameful defeat for us and i was hoping no one will bother to write a report but it looks like muru (just like he has at the ground) has stamina to write such a detailed neat report on our third and final game where we were thulped by the rest of india. we knew (even though we didnt express it any time :)) we would get a beating but never thought it would be this severe. four overs by us in which i think they scored around 70 runs had sealed our fate even before we started batting. the sad part was that all these 4 overs were bowled by people who had bowled their previous overs pretty neat or were established good bowlers. targetting a massive 154 runs in 20 overs, we collapsed like world trade centers on 9/11 !! :)

now the only excuse we have is that we had only mallus to chose from (and had to rely on a couple of non-mallus for make the playing eleven) and they had a whole bunch of good cricketers to chose from. the interesting part is that they had to re-inforce their team with good players who were 'brought' in just for these two matches ! no offence to anyone, but i think we might've a better chance if the match was played like mallus vs tamilians or mallus vs. telugus etc than playing against the whole of india ..

MATCH REPORT IN THE CRICKET SECTION - please use the link at the right to navigate.

this is sabs signing off for today.

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keralites vs. rest of india (second match) 
MOVED TO CRICKET PAGE - click on the link at right.

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zidane - point of views  
got this from a friend of mine .. these are the various points of view on the zidane headbutt incident (world cup soccer finals, 2006)

GERMAN point of view

FRENCH point of view

ITALIAN point of view

AMERICAN point of view

and finally, a TABLOID's point of view

this is sabs signing off .. with a stupid grin :)

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