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Sab's world
i'm alive .. 
those who are wondering (i know no one really cares, but just for my satisfaction i'm writing this :) ) what happened to this site, nothing happened - i'm still alive and its just that i dont have the same enthusiasm as i had in the beginning to keep updating this site. i knew this would happen some day when i started this, but never knew it would be so quick :) anyways, i hope to make atleast one post a month (wow !!) from now on.

on a personal front, i was down with influenza and a stomach virus attack and is currently on the recovery mode. hope to be back in full health atleast by this weekend.

and, i've decided to take a vacation this year to go to india. yes, i will be going to india this july for 3 or 4 weeks. talking about vacation, this pic which i received from a friend in tells you the importance of why you should go visit your home back in india once a while. this bike is supposed to be owned by a gentleman in saudi whose last vacation back to kerala was in 1985 :)

this is sabs signing off for today ..
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rape for sale ? 
here is a news which i saw yesterday in economic times .. checkout the the last sentence !!

in a related news, the villains of movies were planning to do a harthal in protest against the high cost of rapes !! :)

this is sabs signing off ..
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secularism ? 
i just happened to read an article (sent to me by raj of

There are as many as 2,07,000 temples in Karnataka and the total income of these temples amounts to 72 crores and only a sum of Rs. 6 crores is being spent by the Government for their upkeep. On the other hand, the Government spent a phenomenal amount of Rs.50 crores for the madrasas and Rs.10 crores for the churches, and for the Hindu temples only a partly sum of Rs.6 crores is being spent

complete article with more stats here

it is very interesting to note that while a section of indian citizens are taxed left right and center, the govt pays subsidy to another section of indian citizens (to the order of rs. 75 crores annually) to visit their holy place outside of india ! now that is what i define as true secularism. long live such secularism in india .. and long live their proponents ..

this is sabs signing off for today ..
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letter from saddam ..  
i've been wanting to write about saddam's death for quite some time but time never permitted me. this image/doc from my cousin rajesh explains everything i had to say, especially about how the world (including keralites) reacted when saddam was given capital punishment. apologies to those who cannot read malayalam .. and sorry, i just cant do a good translation job ! :)

this is sabs signing off ..
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happy new year ! 
its been a while since i added anything new to my site. few of the reasons are 'was busy', 'laziness', 'forgot' .. (you can choose your pick) etc. i had tonnes to write but i will do it some time later. on a personal note - the only change in me is that i started growing sideburns two weeks back and now it might put elvis to shame. and this is the only time when myself and my wife agreed on a statement without any argument - that i look as ugly as ever i could be !! :) good news - the pic will be added soon so that you can scare your children if they misbehave !!

before i forget, i - on behalf on my family - would like to wish you all a very happy, prosperous and a wonderful year ahead starting today.

if new year's day sets the standard for the whole of the year, then a typical day of mine in this year would be like this (since this is how i spent my jan 1st):

sleep at 4:00 am
wake up at 8:00 am
skip breakfast and eat leftover food for lunch
sleep at 1:30 pm
wake up at 3:30 pm with severe throat pain
sit lazy, scratching head and figuring out what to do next
come back home at 7:30 pm with fever
skip dinner cuz of throat pain
bury under the blankets at 11:00 pm after a dose of tylenol

4 days of holidays over and i need to drag my butt to office tomorrow. the very thought is making me feel lazy again ! *yawn*

this is sabs signing off .. once again wishing everyone a happy new year !

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