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Sab's world
low cost ?? 
last week, we had to make a reservation in one of the 'low cost' airlines in india for some domestic travel. the fares advertised were atrociously low .. this one was for just Rs. 24 from bangalore to trivandrum. however, once the reservation is made, we get to know the 'actual' cost .. here is the break up ..

COACH - 24.00 INR (INR = ruppees)
Special Service Request 1.20 INR
Fuel Surcharge 900.00 INR
Passenger Service Fee 225.00 INR
Congestion Surcharge BLR 150.00

special service request ?? what the heck is that ? we never asked for it ! but anyway, if they want to make us feel 'special' for rs. 1.20, so be it :)

fuel surcharge ?? more than 37 times the airfare ? shouldn't that be the part of actual advertised airfare ?

passenger service fee .. another name of tax .. quite understandable but again 900% of the airfare ?

congestion surcharge .. 6 times the airfare .. since when is the sky congested with aircrafts that they have to charge everyone a congestion charge ? or are their aircrafts 'driven' through the narrow roads from bangalore to trivandrum to keep the costs low ? :)

having said all this, i'm still happy that the total is just rs. 1300 which is probably cheaper than a rail ticket for the same destination !! let more people start making use of these low cost airlines so that they have a steady revenue and hence do not have to go bankrupt or increase their charges. let the common man fly whenever he wants to.

go low cost airlines !

this is sabs signing off for today.

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forced bachelor ... 
its been close to 3 months since i wrote something in here .. what the heck am i doing ??

life has been a bit hectic .. but now i've enough time to update my site. reason ? i'm a forced bachelor now .. my wife and kids went back to india (bangalore) for their summer vacation. and guess what ? i too will be going to india next month (july mid) ! tickets are bloody expensive but i guess thats easily offset by the satisfaction of meeting parents, sisters, other family memebrs, childhood friends and last but not least - eating the thattukada food after 2 years !!!! :)

i had a list of things to write (mostly political) but cant recollect now what those were .. probably when i sit home and have nothing to do, i might spit it out here.

for now, this is sabs signing off .. till the next bored evil spirit gets into me ..
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i'm alive .. 
those who are wondering (i know no one really cares, but just for my satisfaction i'm writing this :) ) what happened to this site, nothing happened - i'm still alive and its just that i dont have the same enthusiasm as i had in the beginning to keep updating this site. i knew this would happen some day when i started this, but never knew it would be so quick :) anyways, i hope to make atleast one post a month (wow !!) from now on.

on a personal front, i was down with influenza and a stomach virus attack and is currently on the recovery mode. hope to be back in full health atleast by this weekend.

and, i've decided to take a vacation this year to go to india. yes, i will be going to india this july for 3 or 4 weeks. talking about vacation, this pic which i received from a friend in tells you the importance of why you should go visit your home back in india once a while. this bike is supposed to be owned by a gentleman in saudi whose last vacation back to kerala was in 1985 :)

this is sabs signing off for today ..
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the hippocratic oath .. 
this is the oath which all medical students (all over the world, i guess) take when they graduate from their medical schools to become professional doctors. couple of sentences in the oath are - 'To practice and prescribe to the best of my ability for the good of my patients, and to try to avoid harming them' and 'To keep the good of the patient as the highest priority' both of which are kind of self explanatory. now why am i writing this here now ? cuz just a day or two back, i read a very disturbing story in a malayalam newspaper about a young malayali nurse in bangalore who was brutally attacked sometime during night by a guy because she had earlier rejected his romantic overtures ! she was attacked with a sword and in that attack, her right hand got severed. she was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where they could've surgically sewn her hand but the hospital and doctors decided money was more important than she getting her hand back. they told her the surgery would cost her Rs.3-4 lakhs and that they would do it only if she paid the money in advance. the girl (she is from a poor family in kerala) and her relatives could not gather the required money within the few hours of the attack there by she ending up losing her right arm !! pathetic .. what else can i say ! we have shiv senas/bajrang dals/SFIs/DYFIs in india who at the slightest provocation go beat up and destroy governmental offices and public properties but where are they when such a thing happens ? i hope one day the hospital authorities and the doctors will realize what they have done to a girl for the greed of money.

back to some personal notes, its been a while since i wrote anything here. been busy all this while. the halloween pics have been updated in the albums section. this is how i look without any makeup !!

to those who know about the cricket stuff here in columbia: we got covered by THE STATE newspaper today. actually i should say that my butt got covered by the newspaper since its me in the orange in that picture .. i'm trying to get a scanned image of the actual article which someone said has more details .. keep checking back !

this is sabs signing off for today ...
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mundum shirtum zindabad .. 

here is one of the most powerful ministers (DEFENCE MINISTER) of the so called (rather self claimed) sixth super power of the world, right before taking charge of office !!

he looks happy to be draped in a khadi shirt and a dirty mundu (dhoti - for you non malayalis) ! i just cant understand what is stopping all these politicians turned ministers from getting atleast a bit neatly dressed (read - a neat shirt and a neat pant which might not cost more than a few hundred rupees - not asking for $5000 armani suits) especially when he has to represent india for many gatherings and meet a bunch of world leaders of similar stature ..

hello politicians, if you think by dressing like gandhi in the 30s and 40s you will also be considered one by the people, NO YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. pothujanam is no longer a kazhutha. try changing your looks also with time. everyone knows you are no good than what you really are.

for those who can figure out who this is, this is a.k.antony - former chief pastor ... oops .. chief minister of kerala who was appointed the central defence minister of india yesterday ...

this is sabs signing off for today.

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