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Sab's world
if i were up there .. 
this is the title of the poem which my lovely li'll niece wrote .. this is her first attempt in writing a poem, so please forgive any mistakes .. :)

by Gayathri Ramesh

If I were up there
Up in the skies
The Solar System would be the school
My school would be in Pluto
Pluto’s moon – Charon, my classroom
And the stars my playground !

If I were up there
I wish the moon would be my house
And the only restaurant Mc Donalds !
It would taste quite funny ..
My teardrops would be the raindrops
All my happiness would be the plants and the beautiful flowers !!

this is sabs signing off .. with a congratulatory note to his niece !
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change in theme .. 
i was just bored for a few minutes, so i changed the entire theme/layout of this site to this current one.. i really didnt like it - no one forced me to change it - but i thought everyone might've been bored by the earlier theme. feel free to comment !

oh yeah, i added a counter too .. starting today .. only GOD (and its author) knows whether the counter shows the right number :)

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happy independence day, india ! 

its august 15th .. india's 59th independence day ! i believe this is one of the proudest day for all indians .. i too belong to that category of proud indians but at the same time i wish i saw some indian leaders with some real spine ruling india !

this is sabs signing off for today, whispering jai hind and providing one of the best videos of our national anthem right below ..

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Six ! 
no, its not the title of Manoj Night Shyamalan's next movie .. its the number of years past since i met my wife meghana for the first time. as usual, i had forgotten all these supposedly 'important' dates (just like i still keep forgetting my wife's bday !) and its my wife who reminded me of it.

back in 2000, august 11th to be precise, i 'officially' met her at bangalore along with my long time buddy sunil viswanathan. we both went for lunch the next day at some restaurant in barton center (mg road, bangalore) along with sunil and his then 'friend' (now his wife) sony. and even before two weeks from then (august 23rd to be precise), we were married !!!!!

both sunil's son and my elder son are named rohan - and this was absolutely co-incidental.

this is sabs signing off .. marking the countdown to his sixth wedding anniversary.
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my answer paper ! 
those who have been following this site might've noticed that its been a while since i made a posting here which is personal in nature - been so busy with work which i think will last till atleast end of august. anyways, i found a few minutes to do this...

mallus recently might've been seeing the various versions of 'navas answer papers' which are still floating in the internet. musthapha (popularly known as Lo-Annan of made fun of me by creating a similar answer paper (supposedly written by me) and spreading around :) .. its fun to read and hence i'm posting it here for your viewing pleasure ! apologies to those who cannot read malayalam ...

click the image for the full size image (will popup)

this is sabs signing off .. with a smirk in his face ;)
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