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Sab's world
another sixer ! 
the countdown timer right below the top banner says it all (that quote was borrowed - read below). yes, its my 6th wedding anniversary today. everyone says its a special day but what i feel is -

1) its the only time when you try to be nice to your wife for a complete 24 hours !
2) its another day where you spend money to buy things which you dont know whether your spouse really need them or not !
3) you go out for dinner and splurge - however hard you are trying to reduce !
4) you are taunted till then next anniversary day if you forget this anniversary day !
5) and last but not least, its the day when you are reminded of the fact that you lost all your freedom of being a bachelor !

on a serious note, happy anniversary to my wife :)

me and my wife shaking hands on our wedding day

this is sabs signing off ... quoting what his dad said on his 40th wedding anniversary - 'its nothing but 40 years of war and peace with your amma completed'
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Six ! 
no, its not the title of Manoj Night Shyamalan's next movie .. its the number of years past since i met my wife meghana for the first time. as usual, i had forgotten all these supposedly 'important' dates (just like i still keep forgetting my wife's bday !) and its my wife who reminded me of it.

back in 2000, august 11th to be precise, i 'officially' met her at bangalore along with my long time buddy sunil viswanathan. we both went for lunch the next day at some restaurant in barton center (mg road, bangalore) along with sunil and his then 'friend' (now his wife) sony. and even before two weeks from then (august 23rd to be precise), we were married !!!!!

both sunil's son and my elder son are named rohan - and this was absolutely co-incidental.

this is sabs signing off .. marking the countdown to his sixth wedding anniversary.
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The new GILLETTE ad ...  
weekend is over. the biggest achievement was that of what you see below. yes, i cut ankit's hair and shaved it to make it shiny ! big change on his looks. he was very co-operative and in fact, he had fun when the shaving was going on. the whole thing took about 30-40 minutes only :)

before after

here is how he looked right before the tonsuring and right after it !! would this qualify for the next gillette ad ? :)

ankit, as usual, is a happy camper without even knowing what he lost but makes a frowning face when asked where his hair was !

this is sabs signing off for today.
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may his soul rest in peace .. 
i heard an absolute shocker just now. uma mahesh, a very close friend of mine, died today morning :(

he was young (maybe 31-32 years old), energetic, funny, very helpful and an excellent imitator of my other friends but his life is a good example of how alcohol can ruin one's life.

he lived close to my house in PTP nagar (the residential colony in Kerala where i used to live). i knew him from 1980 onwards. he worked with bharat tours and travels (in trivandrum) for 5 years and then started his own business named umesh travels. he had married his childhood sweetheart but for some reasons they split couple of years back. he used to be party drinker before but he resorted to heavy drinking after that incident - maybe he thought that would fix his sorrows. in spite of doctors warning that his liver is all damaged and he should not touch alcohol anymore, he continued his drinking and today morning, the inevitable happened.

attached is his last mail to me which was sent two months back.

note on why this part has been deleted : upon second thoughts, i think it is not appropriate to post someone else's personal mail on a public domain like this, so i took it off.

there is no more uma mahesh to reply to... may his soul rest in peace!

this is sabs signing off
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happy bday ! 
well, today is my wife meghana's b'day !! yeah, she is a gemini. i wish her a wonderful day ahead :)
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